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Hale County, Texas Multi-Parcel Auction

TRACT 1 - Conditioning Plant & Storage
Lot 1 - TRACT 1 - Conditioning Plant & Storage
1 unit

The northeastern-most parcel in this property offering, Tract 1 includes 24,533 sq ft of warehouse space with a seed cleaner, gravity table, and softener.  The steel construction building is divided into the plant area (13,580 sq ft), 7,020 sq ft insulated warehouse area, and a 2,379 sq ft shop with two covered receiving pits and a TCEQ certified air system.  This functional parcel also includes 25 grain storage bins of varying sizes for a total of roughly 75,000 bushels of storage capacity.  This facility includes city water, sewer, and electrical utilities and has roughly 0.7 acres of vacant land with development potential on its northeastern corner.


Tract one features roughly 315 of East 6thStreet frontage on the south and is also accessible from Grove Street or East 7th.  The BNSF Railroad line borders this parcel to the east.

TRACT 2 - Office, Shop and Grain Storage
Lot 2 - TRACT 2 - Office, Shop and Grain Storage
1 unit

Tract 2 is home to a 5,654 sq ft brick-construction office building that includes 7 offices, a large reception and scale area, conference room, breakroom, warehouse storage and two restrooms.  The office is equipped with AT&T Optic Fiber, delivering high-speed internet access. The office facility features a 70-ft pull through scale on its western side.  The office is serviced with city water and sewer.


Behind the office, there is a 2,400 sq ft machine shop or storage area featuring 6 overhead garage doors with 3 separate bay areas that is ready to use at it is, but could also be converted for a multitude of other uses.


Twenty on-ground, metal grain storage units provide roughly 63,000 bushels of storage capacity.


Tract 2 has prime access with East 5th Street/US Highway 70 running along the southern border of this property and easy access and parking available on the north via East 6th Street.  Additional gated parking is available to the east of the office building.

Combine Tracts 1 and 2 to have a turn-key operation with office space and an estimated 138,000 bushels of grain storage capacity.

TRACT 3 - Elevator and Warehouse Space
Lot 3 - TRACT 3 - Elevator and Warehouse Space
1 unit

Situated directly to the east of Tract 2, this parcel includes 2 large warehouse spaces and additional grain storage.  An insulated metal-exterior structure facing East 6th Street includes approximately 10,170 sq ft of storage space, and the metal Quonset barn to the south adds an additional 10,860 sq ft of storage capacity.  The tract's concrete elevator storage provides 92,242 bushels of grain storage and 3 18’ Steel bins add roughly 9,456 bushels of additional grain storage.  


Both warehouses are fully lit, and this prime parcel features U.S. Highway 70/East 5th Street frontage along its southern boundary.

 TRACT 4 - Warehouse Storage
Lot 4 - TRACT 4 - Warehouse Storage
1 unit

Tract 4 is a great opportunity to acquire prime warehouse capacity conveniently located on East 6th Street.  


These two steel construction warehouses provide a combined 26,220 sq ft of open warehouse storage space with lighting and loading bays.  The easternmost building is updated with LED lighting throughout.  This tract also includes municipal water and sewer.

TRACT 5 - Commercial Development Corner
Lot 5 - TRACT 5 - Commercial Development Corner
1 unit

Located at the corner of East 6th Street and Elm Street, this parcel is a prime development opportunity located just north of U.S. Highway 70/East 5th Street.  The parcel currently includes a 1,440 sq ft stucco building with city water, sewer and electricity available on-site.  This tract offers up nearly 14,440 sq ft of land perfectly suited for development.

 TRACT 6 - Grain Storage Elevator
Lot 6 - TRACT 6 - Grain Storage Elevator
1 unit

The concrete silo storage on Tract 6 includes 28 bins with a combined storage capacity of nearly 475,000 bushels with pull through access from Elm Street on the east to Fir Street on the west.  The tract includes an overhead metal load out bin, indoor loading area, and space for a pull-through scale.

 TRACT 7 - Commercial Development Lot
Lot 7 - TRACT 7 - Commercial Development Lot
1 unit

Tract 7 is a prime development lot with over 135 linear feet of U.S. Highway 70/East 5th Street frontage.  This lot spans approximately 8,364 sq ft and is ready to go as a perfectly situated corner development lot.

TRACT 8 - Commercial Development Lot and Bldg
Lot 8 - TRACT 8 - Commercial Development Lot and Bldg
1 unit

This tract offers outstanding development potential.  Repurpose and renovate the existing office building to fit your needs, or bid on this tract to secure roughly 200 linear feet of U.S. Highway 70/East 5th Street frontage on the corner of Elm Street. Tract 8 measures roughly 12,700 sq ft. City sewer, water, and electricity are on-site.

TRACT 9 - Warehouse Storage
Lot 9 - TRACT 9 - Warehouse Storage
1 unit

If you’re on the hunt for wide-open warehouse storage, Tract 9 offers up just that.  Tract 9 consists of two smaller warehouses and one larger space, for a combined 27,186 sq ft of storage space located on the northeast corner of East 6th Street and Elm Street.  


The warehouses have on-site city water and sewer, and they feature updated LED lighting throughout.

TRACT 10 - Commercial Development Corner
Lot 10 - TRACT 10 - Commercial Development Corner
1 unit

Located on the southeast corner of North Date Street and East 6th Street, Tract 10 is a great commercial development opportunity.  The lot spans 12,720 square feet and is ready to build on.

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